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Why is 3D printing beneficial?

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It is certainly a future alternative in terms of production, but is 3D printing beneficial? What are the benefits of using such an alternative? Of course, if you have to make this choice between classic alternatives or 3D printing, you have to consider well what are the advantages and disadvantages of each.

3D printing can be used both in the field of production where pieces can be created quickly, and in the field of education, but also dentistry, fashion and architecture. In the second one, we can see some major benefits: new learning opportunities, learning from failure, enthusiasm and the possibility to achieve several learning classes.

We are aware of the fact that it is quite difficult to visualize in our minds some things we hear. 3D printers offer this possibility, a visual learning environment that can provide insight into some things. Here we can see the example of geometric figures in mathematics, or that of artifacts in history or even cells or molecules for biology and chemistry can be printed.

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3D printing can be an example of failure for students who do not have the confidence to trynew things. They can learn from the system that most printers have, plug and play, that it is absolutely fine to fail. And above all, failure is part of the learning process. This contributes to students being more motivated and self-confident with a boost of perseverance.

This technology attracts students and can turn any less interesting or interactive course into one that gives a complete view of what it means. The enthusiasm comes from the fact that he can observe every step, going from the theoretical to the practical part. It also perfectly complements the learning class.

If we also checked the benefits that such a printer has when it comes to production, we would discover quite a few here, but I will focus only on a few: speed of execution, low costs, the possibility of making many models, dimensions and difficulties.

Regarding speed of execution, the 3D printer is definitely the one that has an advantage over other technologies. With this print we can transform a design we only dreamed of into reality in just a few hours. There are also parts or projects that require time, it is true, but when we talk about some small or medium size, or not very big difficulties, 3D printing is the best choice.

On the other hand, economically speaking, the costs are low, both in terms of maintaining such a device and labor. Most of the times, this type of printer is so digitized that you only have to press one button to create the desired piece, which greatly simplifies the process.

Since benefits for the environment are increasingly important, the 3D printer works in a way that does not affect the environment. Currently, most models generate a lot of residual material that reaches landfills and can easily reach the waters of the globe. There are also cases in which it is stored and subsequently processed to obtain raw material, but this technique is not very suitable because it involves energy for melting or chopping.

Is 3D printing beneficial? Well, 3D printing is much more beneficial for us as manufacturers, customers, and the environment than other existing technologies. It is a prototype that pursues both human interests and those of the environment and this can only make us happy.

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