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Why choose a 3D printed architectural model ?

Midtown Manhattan Cityscape

Architectural models are the most important promotional tool, they are necessary not only to create a close relationship with investors, but also with potential customers. By making an architectural model you can express your vision in a way that is more detailed and easier to understand.

Classic architectural models are made by hand by one or more people, using materials such as cardboard, MDF, wood, plexiglas, plastic and so on. It is a process that requires a long production time and involves high costs, therefore more and more professionals in the field use 3D printers to reduce these elements.

Midtown Manhattan New York Cityscape

Details are very important when you want to sell a project, regardless of whether it is a residential complex, a shopping center, or just a simple house. With the help of the 3D printer you can build the construction much easier and faster and insert the smallest details into the model created in CAD, something that isn’t possible with the traditional method.

In this way, you can also observe in advance the possible mistakes and errors and modify them in the shortest possible time. Once the sketch has been created, 3D printing can only be done by one person, as only one operator is needed to set up and adjust the device.

Why choose a 3D printed architectural model ?

Exhibitions and real estate fairs are important moments for any real estate developer. Here you can create a connection with potential customers and present your vision to have the desired success. One of the most important roles of an architectural model is to facilitate an effective communication process.

Dallas Texas City Skyline Downtown 3D Printed

People who do not work in real estate and architecture cannot easily understand two-dimensional plans and sketches, and the rendered images do not fully present everything you could offer. Thanks to an architectural model, you will be able to provide much more details in a way that anyone can understand.

If you choose a 3D printed architectural model that can be dismounted, you can pleasantly surprise your customers, offering them a clear image of the interior as well, thus making a clear difference between you and the competition.

The interior size, design, layout of the rooms and other elements will be known and easily understood, thus increasing your chances of success. Architectural models are one of the most important promotion methods in the real estate industry. If you choose a 3D printed model, you will be able to enjoy countless advantages over traditional ones, and this will be the first step towards the success you want.

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