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Who needs 3D printing services?

Sagrada Familia Church 3d Printed

3D printing is a technology of the future that allows to create objects with a complex spatial geometry. The 3D printer propels the processes of making objects to a superior level, as it allows to create various components faster, as well as easier.

3D printing demonstrates the advantage of unlimited design flexibility, of elaborating the most precise details. The fields in which 3D printing is used are extremely varied, which is why many economic agents choose 3D printing.

Who uses 3D printing?

An example can be the medical field, more precisely a branch of medicine, dentistry. In dentistry, prostheses can be made using 3D printing technology. The value of 3D printed prosthetic restorations, however, requires long-term clinical studies related to their compatibility and functional integration, but also to the ecological impact.

Who uses 3D printing

Specifically, the 3D printer is a device capable of producing three-dimensional objects in the dental laboratory, based on the instructions received in the form of a set of digital data collected by scanning.

Since it seems to have become an integral part of our lives, it is important to understand what is behind 3D printing, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this technology, as well as its limitations. Throughout time, many products from different industries have been printed in 3D and it was surprising in case of some industries.

So let’s look at other industries which use 3D printing besides dentistry.

Fashion industry

Some of the accessories we can see in fashion shows are produced by 3D printing. Even some of the clothes of the most daring designers have been printed thanks to 3D technology.

Art industry

Last but not least, art is created by 3D printing. Many artists have used this technology in truly surprising and innovative ways, finding new uses for 3D printing.

Even the process of scanning and later 3D printing of some objects, led to an easier reproduction of some famous, recent or ancient works. At the same time, the very rigorous requirements of the industry have led to the creation of standards in 3D printing.


In this industry, innovation is in high demand, which is why 3D printing is used here as well. Among the examples that use this technique, we mention Rolls Royce and Boeing.


If architects don’t use three-dimensional images either, then who can do it more often than them? Using 3D printing, architects manage to transpose images as real as possible, but also as easy as possible for customers to view.

Sagrada Familia Church 3d Printed

Jewelry industry

This industry can be developed thanks to 3D printing, conventional processes are improving, and the bold ideas regarding the jewelry design are easily put into practice through the 3D printing technique.
Influences on the economy and on production

As far as production is concerned, it is recommended to use 3D printing when using materials that cannot be easily processed by CNC machines. The use of 3D printing also has effects on the economy, as it is a technique used both in industries, to create prototypes and materials, and among those who do this at home.

3D printing allows to transform the design of a product in just a few hours, which is why many industries use it to obtain prototypes and small or medium production volumes. Regarding the benefits of 3D printing, we no longer face the limitations of very narrow angles that required special tools.

Also, those who have a business with 3D printing have the advantage of reducing labor costs because most of the time, the operation of a 3D printer involves the push of a button, of course with a previous training.

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