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5 Things to 3D Print and Sell

Disney castle model

In the last 10 years, the production of decorative objects and pieces has been taken by surprise by 3D printing. This innovative technology promises to revolutionize and permanently change the traditional production chain.

Although it is a new technology, 3D printing has evolved and has undergone intense research, in order to be efficient both in terms of energy and raw materials used in production.

3D printers can create almost anything; therefore, the small entrepreneurs seized the opportunity and started to produce and sell decorative objects, toys, spare parts and so on.

Disney castle model

Things to 3D Print & Sell

3D printing has a significant advantage over traditional production methods, as it is much easier, faster and cheaper to produce. Certain steps have been removed from the production chain, such as transportation and storage, and manufacturing is done locally.

As long as you have the legal right to create and sell items created with this gadget, you can manufacture and sell anything you want.


Toys are some of the best selling 3D printed objects. These can be easily made and can be for both children and adults. A trend started on social networks can mean a clear opportunity for small 3D producers.

3D miniatures, figurines and dioramas

In the past it was just a niche, but in recent years, board games involving miniatures have grown and developed a lot. Any game of this type can be much more addictive and fun with the help of a set of 3D printed monsters and heroes.

In this category we can also find dioramas, 3D field models that can take the game to the next level. They can be printed to represent any environment, from castles and houses to small towns.

Chicago 3D Model

Architectural models

Every architect knows how important a model is when he presents to a potential customer or an investor the concept he has worked on. A 2D sketch is not enough to see and present every detail.

That is why 3D printed architecture models have become more and more popular, as they are easy to execute and create.

Phone accessories

The telephone has become one of the most important objects in our lives. It hasn’t been just a phone for a long time, being the environment through which we interact with the world, with business and with other people.

However, most of the time their design has been consolidated and all the phones have adopted the same style. In order to customize and allow users to express themselves, many companies have begun to produce various telephone accessories such as covers, to provide a way to individualize and express ourselves.

In addition to the function of protecting the phone, a 3D printed case can customize the phone according to each person’s character.

Home decorations

Of course, this category is getting better and better because, like the other items on the list, they can be individualized and can help consumers better express their character.

A 3D printed flower vase or 3D art objects can bring any home to life, giving a modern touch to the space.

Glasses frames

The fashion and clothing design industry also benefits from 3D printing technology. As technology advances, 3D printing will be able to be used more and more in the creation of clothes and shoes.

Glasses frames are a first step in this direction, they are quite easy to print and offer an almost unlimited range of models.

3D printing is really a technology that is slowly transforming the way we produce objects. As time goes by, more and more parts will be created and marketed with the help of this device, which is a much cheaper and better method for the environment.

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