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How to print 3D and what you need to know about 3D printing

Statue of Liberty 3d printed

The evolution of technology so far is absolutely amazing and we are looking forward to seeing what it has prepared for us in the future. Until then, however, we have chosen to discuss today an extremely controversial topic – 3D printing.

If you caught at least one decorative item or object printed with the help of this technology, you were certainly fascinated by the fidelity of the reproduction of the details and the final result.

This type of print can be an excellent basis to start a successful business, but also to revolutionize certain fields professionally or personally. Here’s everything you need to know about 3D printing and the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Statue of Liberty 3d printed

What do you need to print 3D?

First of all, you need knowledge. The process is quite complex and involves specialized notions to which is added the need to know several specialized programs such as the use of systems such as CAD, AutoCAD and other similar programs, which help you sketch and model the project in 3D and online mode, for a more realistic design, while ensuring that the result meets the requirements imposed initially.

Moreover, you will need specialized work materials, including laser technology or CNC systems, which have the ability to print and transform the computer sketch into a finished object.

Print technology is directly connected to information technology and, under the guidance of an operator, can ensure the smooth running of the process. There are 3D printers which work on plastic, but also models that have the ability to work with wood or other materials. Prints can be made from scratch, but also partially (for example, in customizing some items).

3D printed model Saint Basil cathedral moscow

3D printing: economical or expensive?

A great question for any beginner is the cost-effectiveness of 3D printing. Certainly, if 3D printing is a passion and you have the necessary knowledge and financial means, you will go in the right direction.

The same goes for choosing 3D printing to design your own business. Of course, there are also used printing equipment, and the list should not include the exclusive acquisition of the license related to printing software programs, which may in turn require quite generous investments.

Unlike classic element-making technology, 3D printing is much more expensive, but more accurate, with much better results.

Can you have access to 3D at home?

The answer to this question is uncertain. 3D printing requires resources, and their quantity is directly proportional to the purpose for which you chose this direction.

However, many equipments require a generous space, as well as certain handling conditions. So, you have to consider if you have a room that allows you to carry out the whole process without any problems.

is 3D printing sustainable?

Definitely, YES! If a lot of raw material is used in the classic manufacture of objects and articles, and the amount generated by waste is accordingly, by printing 3D from scratch, important sources can be saved. And as a result, it can fall into the category of sustainable techniques.

In which fields is 3D printing useful?

3D printing has proven to be useful in many fields, not only in those extremely popular sectors such as personalizing clothing and household items, creating gifts, etc. Today, the technology is also used in medicine where it has made it possible to create tissues, including body parts, which could later be transferred to the human body or used as an alternative to testing animal products.

Therefore, we can say that 3D printing is a topic of the future. If you are also interested to try this route, you will be able to experience numerous satisfactions.

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