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How profitable is 3D printing?

Construction Vehicles 3D printed

Although 3D printing is a relatively new way of production, it is one of the most important and impressive technologies created in recent decades. The ability to allow any person or company, regardless of size, to manufacture almost any part or object is truly revolutionary and will certainly change the way the economy and logistics develop, either at a local or at a global level.

In this sense, numerous opportunities have appeared on the market, as many entrepreneurs started to use this technology to improve their existing products or create new ones.

Therefore, we will present you some ideas through which you can take advantage of 3D printing, so as to increase your income in a substantial way:

Construction Vehicles 3D printedDesign and sell 3D objects

Of course, this is the first and easiest method to capitalize on 3D printing technology. With the help of a 3D printer, you can create and sell almost anything you want.

You can take advantage of current trends and focus on popular objects and products in order to change production when a certain trend disappears.

Also, the large number of materials you can choose from gives you the opportunity to expand your portfolio even more, thus being able to create objects made of metal (stainless steel, titanium, gold), plastic (PLA, ABS, polyamide), silicone, carbon fiber and so on. Some products that you can produce and sell are:

  • Jewelry;
  • Customized items;
  • Decorative objects;
  • Toys and 3D miniatures;
  • Architectural models;
  • Phone accessories.

Design and build prototypes

Prototyping is a very important process in creating products. You can use 3D printing to build prototypes for your products (or for third parties), which is a much easier and more cost-effective way than using traditional methods.

Testing them will ensure that the quality level will be very high, and the products you want to sell will be well received by consumers and partners.

Sell 3D models

3D models are the basis of printing. If they are made in a professional and efficient way, then the products will be able to be manufactured easily and without problems. You can create different models of this kind and this is an easier way to supplement your income, especially when the demand for 3D printing is lower.

Concept Model Dealership BuildingRepair various things

Defective parts can be an advantage for you. Normally, when something gets broken, you have to order the damaged item and wait for it to arrive. It often happens that the manufacturer does not have it in stock or no longer produces it.

In such cases, the customer or even you can turn to the 3D printer to produce this part, you only need to design it in CAD and manufacture it. Considering the countless usages, you can take advantage of this excellent opportunity. 3D printing is an excellent way to supplement your income or even start a new business.

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