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Benefits of 3D Printing Services

3D printed model Saint Basil cathedral

Why are 3D printing services useful and beneficial? 3D printing is the most advanced technology that allows us to create any physical object today from a digital model.

The first printing service began in the 1980s under the brand name “Rapid Prototyping”, because that was the only goal of the innovative technology – to prototype quickly and at reasonable prices.

But things have changed a lot in recent years. Today, there is a very high demand for 3D printing services because they offer great results and incredibly efficient solutions to a lot of problems and projects. Basically, today, 3D printing services help us achieve everything we can imagine.

How do 3D printing services work?

3D printing is also called additive production, because it does not remove materials as is the case with traditional production processes.

Instead, 3D printing involves adding materials layer-by-layer. This differs from conventional subtractive production, which involves removing materials.

3D printed model Saint Basil cathedral moscow

To make 3D models, you usually start with a model of the required object, using a 3D modeling program or a 3D scanner, which scans the object to be printed. Once the design is created, it must be imported into the open source printing software. The software runs the design in the g-code file which is prepared to print physical objects.

Nowadays, there are several 3D printing technologies and most usually create things by placing successive thin layers of material on objects.

3D printing services use plastic filaments that are inserted into the printer through the feed area. The filament is then melted into the printhead, after which it extrudes the materials into the plate, creating the object layer by layer.

What are 3D printing services used for?

With 3D printing, there are numerous opportunities in areas such as production, product design, engineering, architecture and more.

Here are some uses for 3D printing.

  • Customized templates. You can create customized products which can be modified according to your specific needs in terms of shape and size. You can create something unique, something that cannot be achieved by other types of technology.
  • Rapid prototyping. With the help of 3D printing services you can quickly create a prototype and a model. This helps engineers, companies and designers to approach multiple projects in a shorter period of time.
  • Complex geometry. With 3D printing you can get unimaginable objects.

Why have 3D printing services become so popular?

There are many reasons why 3D printing is so widely used today. 3D printing costs are lower compared to other technologies and materials. No materials are wasted, and time is much more efficient.
That’s why 3D printing is fast becoming the number one choice for many manufacturers and designers. In addition, human resource and labor costs can be significantly reduced with 3D printing.

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