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4 Essential 3D Printing Tips for Beginners

3D Printed Factory Scale Model

3D printing is one of the most creative and fun hobbies you can have. To design and create from scratch an object imagined by you in a very short time can be not only profitable, but can also offer a remarkable educational experience.

Although it has become very common today, 3D printing can be quite difficult to learn, because this manufacturing method uses technical processes that have a rather steep learning curve. Therefore, we are glad to provide you with some tips to overcome these problems and start printing what you want straight away.

Do not leave the 3D printer unattended

The 3D printer was built in such a way to produce objects as efficiently and quickly as possible, but it lacks the ability to notify you if something is wrong. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to follow the printing process until completion, to make sure that everything is done according to the project.

3D Printed Factory Scale Model

Clean the platform regularly

The printing surface is one of the most important elements in a printer. It is vital to keep it clean in order to enjoy the best printing experience. The most common surfaces are glass or PEI (Polyetherimide) sheets.

Keep an even platform

One of the biggest problems faced by both the beginners and the experienced ones is how to successfully place the first layer. This can be problematic due to the fact that the platform is not straight and the nozzle will be too far or too close, which will result in the first layer not sticking correctly. Calibrate the printing surface correctly, according to the specifications in the user manual to get the best results.

Use new filaments

Most of the time, the filaments can be affected by environmental elements, such as humidity or temperature, drastically reducing their quality. If you use a filament that has changed its properties, the products resulting from printing will have a low quality. If you need a significant amount of filament, make sure they are stored in a container, protected from moisture and excessive temperatures.

Create your own projects

You will certainly find countless projects made by other people on the internet, but it is advisable and recommended to create your own objects, because it can be a fun educational process and full of important lessons, because you will be able to learn new things about your 3D printer.

3D printing has always been one of the most amazing technologies of recent years. Thanks to a printer, you can create almost any object you want, and if you learn and follow a few tips, you will immediately succeed in obtaining a unique product designed by you.

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