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Chicago 3D Model

Why does 3D printing mean the future? Why do I need a 3D printer? Why should I choose 3D printing? Well, it is a topic that is being discussed more and more and the 3D printer or 3D printing is on the lips of more and more manufacturers. Everyone is wondering if there is an alternative, a solution. Let’s see the advantages of such printing.

Such a solution may be the answer to a production situation that you could not solve using classic technologies or even an opportunity for innovation. There are several 3D printing technologies: extrusion printing (FDM), powder printing (SLS), stereolithography (SLA).

But what is a 3D printer?

A 3D printer is a type of industrial robot capable of performing this process under computer control. The most common method is FDM due to the low costs of both printers and overall costs. For example, 3D printers allow designers to produce a prototype, a model, in a very short time. It can be tested and remodeled quickly. Formula 1 car manufacturers are the ones who can get components with very complex shapes.

If they were produced by conventional methods, their production would take several weeks, but the use of these new printing technologies considerably reduces the time and they can be ready in 48 hours. Thus, the time gained offers the possibility to test several models of the necessary components with the goal to find the right solution in a short time.

Chicago 3D Model

Is it hard to print 3D?

The technology is advanced in these printers and makes it easy to use. There are also 3D printing pens for children, with which they can create different objects, in a simple and safe way, either using templates or drawing freely. There is also an extremely advanced printer that can create much larger, more complex and useful things.

Of course, depending on the finished product you want to get, its complexity and the materials you use, the level of difficulty in using a printer of this type differs. It is good to know that there are no universal 3D printers and we need to know from the beginning what we are going to do with it, so that we can make the best choice.

As years go by and technology advances, most people want everything extremely fast. We order today and we want our product maybe tomorrow or why not, immediately. Well, this is the most important advantage of this type of printing, namely the speed of production. With this way of printing we can transform a design we only dreamed of, into reality in just a few hours.

There are also parts or projects that require time, it is true, but when we talk about some small or medium size, or not a high difficulty level, 3D printing is the best choice. Sometimes we choose to put cost first. Even if we want a fast product, it matters more that the prices are not above our budget.

In the case of 3D printing, there is no need to think about such a thing because the use of such a device in the production of parts, for example, only makes costs more efficient. If we take into account the fact that most of the time it is only necessary to press a button, it clearly reduces labor costs.

Of course, if we talk about the maintenance costs or the consumption of such a prototype, there is again a considerable reduction in price compared to other technologies.

3D printing can be experienced both as a hobby and as an alternative to other much more expensive and less efficient technologies. However you choose to use it, we must be aware that it is the future thanks to its efficiency.

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