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Is 3D Printing Hard to Learn?

3d printed white gift box

Today, 3D printing is being used more and more in various industries, from automotive, medical, jewelry making to the aerospace and agricultural industries. However, they are not the only ones used by big companies. In the last ten years, 3D printing has been growing in popularity among ordinary consumers as well.

This technology has seen a steady and rapid evolution, leading to a significant decrease in prices, as 3D printing is now more accessible than ever. You may have thought about buying a 3D printer at some point, but you’ve probably wondered: how hard is it to use such a device? Well, in this article we will answer this question.

3D printers are usually not difficult to use. These have been created by the manufacturers to be as easy to use as possible. They only need to be assembled or in some cases are already built and calibrated.


3d printed white gift box

How can you print 3D quickly ?

As mentioned, it is not difficult to use such a device, all you have to do is:

  • Choose a 3D printer designed for beginners.

Such a printer can be easy to use, especially if it is already assembled and built intuitively, which will make your experience even easier.

  • Use a material suitable for your device and project.

3D printers often use filaments, a thread made of different materials, the most commonly used being thermoplastics.
A very good material for a beginner and learning project is ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) or PLA (Polylactic Acid), the latter being the most commonly used material by home consumers.

  • Use a good software program

You have set up the printer, but you must also prepare the software that you will use to operate the printer. You can use a simple program such as Ultimaker Cura, the most popular software for 3D printers. With it you will prepare the print, you will select the models to be created and the change of the printing settings.

  • Select a project

This is the last step before actually starting printing. Here you need to select the CAD file that contains the model of the object you want to print. Whether you create it from scratch or download it from various sites, the most popular being thingiverse.com, this step is important in making the product.

  • Is 3D Printing Hard to Learn?

Like any activity, there is a learning curve, but with practice and information you will start using your new 3D printer faster than you think. Of course, the more complex and unique the project, the more complicated the process can become. Object design is probably the most complicated part of 3D printing. This part is important because the sketch must be made so that it can be supported throughout the printing process without crashing.

However, once you gain the necessary knowledge about this process, creating products will be easier and easier. A lot of information about the 3D printing process can be found on the Internet and on the manufacturers’ websites.

That’s why it’s easier than ever to learn how to use such a device. There are also numerous communities full of passionate people who can help you when you don’t understand something. In case you need a professional for advertising production, we can help you.

3D printing technology is considered to be the future of how we make and produce objects. The growing popularity of 3D printers has led to an impressive development and continues to evolve, so that more and more home consumers can use them for hobbies, as well as for small businesses.

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