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3D printing and the gaming industry

Lara Croft 3D Printing Figurine

3D printing is the technology that has changed several important limits until recently. It allows users to create physical objects starting from digital models and then print layers of material until the object is completed according to the plan/orders.

3D printing is already successfully used in many fields, and one of them is the video game industry.

How is 3D printing used in gaming industry ?

First of all, 3D printing is used to create characters and objects in the game. For example, game studios can use 3D printing to create prototypes of game characters before they are digitally modeled.

Lara Croft 3D Printing Figurine

This can help determine the final look of the characters and make changes before the characters are animated or integrated into the game.

3D printing can also be used to create objects in games, such as weapons or accessories. Additive technology, as it is also called, allows video game manufacturers to create physical models of these objects, which can then be scanned and converted into digital models which can be used in games.

And that’s not all. 3D printing is great in creating promotional products for games, such as figurines or models of game characters. These can be sold as souvenirs/promotional items or can be used in special advertising campaigns.

3d Printed Archer Bust

  • Creating physical prototypes
  • Creating objects in the game
  • Customizing characters and objects in the game (by printing your own 3D models or by downloading 3D models from online platforms)
  • Streamlining the production – physical models are produced at lower costs, faster and more precisely, compared to traditional production methods.
  • Creating promotional game products more easily

Increasing the level of detail. 3D printing allows new games to enjoy a higher level of detail, which means increased realism and better quality (a unique experience).

3D printing never ceases to amaze us. It is also incredible for creating characters and objects in video games. It offers studios and game developers the opportunity to create physical prototypes of characters and objects, as well as to create promotional gaming materials.

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