3D Printing

How is 3D printing creating new business models?

3D Printed Eiffel Tower

In recent years, 3D printing technology has become an important tool, both for large and small companies. Additive production offers numerous advantages, as it is a much easier and more cost-effective way to produce customized objects or parts within a company.

Marketing strategies and business models are in constant evolution, and 3D printing offers new innovative methods to develop the company. Therefore, here are some ways in which 3D printing can be helpful in business operations.

  • Manufacturing on demand

One of the most important benefits that this technology can offer is the ability to immediately produce spare parts or items needed to continue the line of operation. In this way, it is much easier than assessing what exactly you will need to place an order with suppliers. The production time is much shorter than waiting for delivery, and the production cost is also lower.

3D Printed Eiffel Tower

  • Fast prototyping

Prototyping is an important process in creating any quality product. The research and development department within your company will be able to benefit from this technology, thus managing to produce a faster and cheaper prototype and resulting in a positive impact and influence on the future of your company.

  • ┬áMass customization

Most of the time, traditional manufacturing is not the most suitable method to create customized products or parts, which is a more difficult and expensive process. But, thanks to additive manufacturing, mass customization can be done much more easily, without the need for molds or special tools.

By creating a 3D file and modifying it, the parts can be adapted to meet all the customer’s requirements. The costs of customized production are thus much lower compared to traditional methods, regardless of the number of changes and it is an excellent opportunity to offer your customers and business partners quality parts exactly as they want.

  • More flexibility

Control over the production process is now in your hands. Your business model will be much more flexible and you will be able to make changes when you need the products, their number, but also their shape, as the case may be.

Dining Table and Chairs 3d printed

  • Optimizing the logistics chain

3D printing technology can have an important impact on the way you solve certain problems, one of which is storage. You will no longer need to have a warehouse full of goods and parts, but you can keep a digital inventory and create the necessary products when you need them. With the help of 3D printing, the logistics chain can be made more efficient and you can save not only time and space, but reduce costs.

3D printing can have a significant impact on a company, as it can help you easily see how you will achieve your goals. The traditional business model can be changed and can evolve into a much more efficient and cost-effective one.

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