3D Printing

3D printing and Industrial Models

scale model of a factory

3D printing has started to be used in the last decades in most industrial sectors, in the manufacturing process of both mass and on-demand customized products at a much lower cost than other traditional methods.

A major interest in 3D printing and its capabilities has come from architects. They recognized the massive advantage that technology can give to the targeted projects, which is at the same time much more efficient in terms of costs and time compared to the classic way of creating these models.

3D printing has proven to be very useful for the production of certain parts, either entire or partial which can be eventually harmoniously combined in order to create a more complex project.

scale model of a factory

Why choose 3D printed architectural models?

Traditionally, an architectural model is manually created, using materials such as wood, cardboard, plexiglass and many others, glued together and combined in such a way as to result in the intended project.

Most of the time, this action is difficult and time-consuming, but if you choose to build with the help of a 3D printer, the workflow will be significantly improved. The main advantages of this procedure are:

  • Higher production speed
  • The need for a smaller number of staff;
  • High precision due to the model created in CAD;
  • The possibility to create several design iterations;
  • Lower production costs.

As you can see, 3D printing of an industrial model can be much better than other conventional forms and it can help you complete your project in the most efficient way possible.
What types of models can be made using a 3D printer

Industrial models have started to be more and more popular among developers, because they can present the construction to be built to investors and customers, who will thus gain a better understanding of the future project.

Refinery tank 3d printed model

Some of the options you can make are:

  • Silos;
  • Tanks;
  • Industrial buildings;
  • Factories.

Why use a 3D printed architectural model in your next project?

It is important to communicate both with investors and with customers. In order to achieve this connection as well as possible, it will be essential to present your vision in the most efficient way, and a drawing or a two-dimensional rendering are not enough most of the time.

With the help of a 3D architectural model, they will be able to better see the building and its characteristics such as height, width, design, as well as all the surrounding elements. In this way, their attention will be captured and your chances of success will be significantly increased.

3D printed models have started to be used more and more by architects, they are the most effective way to present their ideas in a way that is clear and easy to understand. Thanks to the advantages that 3D printing offers, you will now be able to create such models in a much shorter time and in a cheaper way and the model will be the foundation of your success

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