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3D Printing Advantages

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3D printing is a process by which three-dimensional objects are created by joining or solidifying materials and combining them layer by layer, depending on the commands of a computer. 3D printing is becoming increasingly popular in many fields, this is why it is now commonly used by both professionals and amateurs.

A printer can create a product in general in 5 – 20 hours, depending on its quality and technical functions, as well as the complexity of the desired result. However, because 3D printing is a dynamic process, 3D printer parts cannot be used immediately after printing and require some post-processing surface finishes.

The process always starts with a 3D digital model or a CAD file. According to the 3D printing technology inventor, Arthus C Clarke, this process is based on a model divided into thin and two-dimensional layers by the printer software.

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This is accompanied by the set of rules in the G code language for the printer, in order to execute the subsequent process. The materials used may also differ in the printing process. Metals and plastics are by far the most widely used materials.

3D printing has several advantages which can help designers and professionals make better decisions when choosing a manufacturing process. Also, this way you can get the best results.
Here are some of the most important advantages of 3D printing

1. 3D printing is accessible

It involves a low cost of labor. Labor costs play a huge role when considering a particular project. When we talk about conventional production that requires experienced equipment operators, labor costs are higher than 3D printing.

Using a 3D printer requires only one operator who has to press a button, because the rest of the procedure is followed by the automatic process of the printer. In addition, the manufacture of products by 3D printing is equal to small-scale and large-scale production.

2. A faster production process

The speed with which a 3D printer can produce models is a huge benefit in using this technology compared to old manufacturing methods. Therefore, 3D printing is much faster and easier than conventional manufacturing methods.

From the design stage to the final product, 3D printing quickly integrates ideas and models. Complicated projects can be taken from a CAD model and can be used for printing. It only takes a few hours to complete this process.

3. Better quality of final objects

The greatest challenge for designers is the manufacturing process which should be as systematic as possible. Additive manufacturing machines complete the task in an integrated, one-step process. This process is so efficient that it does not require any interaction of the operator during the construction phase.

It only takes a few hours to get the results, after the CAD design is completed and loaded on the device. The designer obtains full control over the final product, because the machine produces a part in one step, thus minimizing the dependence on various manufacturing processes, such as welding or painting.

These were only 3 of the most important advantages of 3D printing, but in reality this technology is incredibly useful, practical and efficient … paving the way for many innovative projects.

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