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3d printed famous landmarks

3d printed scale models

The 3D printed models are replicas built in such a way as to reflect as faithfully as possible the historical monuments, such as churches or cathedrals, being an excellent way to preserve the national cultural heritage and expose it to be used for educational purposes and not only.

Due to the technological evolution that 3D printing has benefitted from in the last 10 years, manufacturing costs have significantly decreased, the number of materials that can be used have considerably increased, and the printing accuracy cannot be compared with other production methods.

3d printed scale models

Historical monuments, but also heritage buildings can be an incredible source of inspiration, lessons, and promotion, especially for the areas where they are located. Thanks to a 3D printed architectural model you can encourage and stimulate local tourism, and this is an excellent way to collect the necessary funds to rehabilitate and maintain them.

  • How 3D printing of historical monuments can help

Historical monuments are structures admired by people from all over the world. Unfortunately, not many people have the opportunity to see them and discover their secrets up close, that’s why a 3D printed architectural model can be the best solution.

A company specialized in the production of 3D models will be able to complete the construction in a smaller size, with perfect fidelity, and the model will then be admired in numerous locations.

Statue of Liberty

They are used especially in museums or schools, but also to promote the area from a tourist point of view. Architectural models are powerful tools used in marketing and beyond.

The possibility to notice certain emblematic buildings is now much easier to achieve thanks to the impeccable details through which they were made with the help of 3D printing.

3D printed architectural models have become some of the best solutions, but also easy methods of promotion and learning.

The cultural heritage of any country must be propagated and kept alive as best as possible, therefore 3D printing will play an increasingly important role in architecture and in the most faithful preservation of history.

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